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Choose a Funeral Director

Funeral directors provide an important service to all communities, yet not all firms meet the high standards set by the profession's leading trade organisation – the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD).

By selecting a funeral directing firm which is a member of the NAFD you can be sure the business is committed to meeting your particular needs and to providing you with the very best quality of service.

All NAFD funeral directing member firms adhere to a strict Code of Practice and are monitored regularly to ensure they maintain high professional standards at all times.

Occasionally things do not go to plan and to protect your interests – and those of the funeral director – disputes which cannot be resolved by the funeral director and the family are referred to the independent Funeral Arbitration Scheme for a recommendation/ruling.

NAFD members will offer you help and advice whatever your circumstances, and operate a 24-hour telephone service so you can contact them whenever you need their services.

You may wish to contact a funeral director because you are concerned about your own funeral arrangements, or those of someone who is ill. You may need advice if someone close to you has died unexpectedly and you are unsure what happens next, or you may simply want an estimate of funeral costs.

It is a common misconception that you can only contact a funeral director once you have registered a death. This is not the case and such an interval can lead to the funeral being delayed unnecessarily.

The sooner funeral directors become involved, the sooner they will be able to discuss your requirements and act on your behalf to ascertain when the documents allowing the funeral to proceed will be issued.


Find a Funeral Director

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